Wednesday, March 28, 2012

happy birthday precious angel


today is your first birthday. 
if you were here you'd have a cake, and be loved on by your mommy and daddy.
if you never had sma you might be walking.
if you were here you'd open presents, and giggle, and know that you're loved.
but if you were here, i might not know you.

one year ago today you entered this world bright-eyed and beautiful.
when you took your first breath i didn't realize that my life was about to change because of one little angel.

i miss you more and more everyday.

but i also love you more and more everyday.

i will love you always and forever.

i could not be more proud of you, your mama, your dad, and cole crews.
when someone asks me about you, i have this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness.

i'm grateful that you changed my life, that you are in my heart for good:)! 
i'm so thankful that i can tell your story. that i'm a part of your story. 

i wish you were here more than anything. 
but i can only imagine what kind of party you are having with the angels.

enjoy your first birthday, little man.
keep calling home, keep sending signs. let us know you're still with us.

i love you, miller mcneil. 
all the way to heaven and back again. 

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