Monday, April 9, 2012


oopsies....sorry for the lack of posts lately!

two words. senior exhibtion.
it's our last assignment before we graduate..which is in 39 days (hence the title;)) 

i present my project on may 1. so until then posts will probably be scarce...but after that I'M FREE!!

just a quick catch up:

i had a wonderful easter with my family in east prairie..there is something about east prairie. while i'm there i feel like i can just relax and enjoy family. east prairie is my happy place.

miller's bday was AMAZING! he had a bday party in fayetteville which raised over $2,000.00!!!!!! can you believe it? i am so proud of my sweet miller boy! 

it's almost koy and kadyn's 3rd birthday! kadyn is my little angel who has cystic fibrosis. she is such a little diva/fighter/princess/sassyface/cutest girl ever. i am so lucky to know her! (i'll introduce her soon)

i think that's about it! sorry for the lack of pictures/interesting stories. i'll be back to normal soon;)

have a great week!!! 

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