Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dancin' Away with My Heart

have y'all heard the song Dancin' Away With My Heart by Lady A??

it is the best. song. ever. it so relates to my life right now! i think we all will have that one person that will always be 18, and beautiful, and dancin' away with our hearts.

you guys.... there's only 29 days until my graduation! can you believe it?! for some reason the 20's seem so much closer than anything else.

holy. moly.

i chose my dorm room today... maple hill south 221 hollaaaa! (did i really just say holla?!....oh gosh)

anyways sorry for the lack of posts lately... school is kind of kicking my booty! 

hope you have a wonderful week :)! 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Avery's Bucket List

this is avery. 

avery is 5 months old but she is on a mission. avery wants to complete her bucket list. 
it is a long list.

avery and her mama and dad.

she needs your help. 

avery doesn't have long to complete her bucket list. she has SMA. she, like miller mcneil (here's his blog), will not be able to live a long life. however, also like miller, avery's parents are making sure that avery's life is full.

sma is the number one genetic killer in children under the age of two. 

We need to find a cure for sma.

avery's bucket list has items that she can complete herself, and items that she needs help.

if you can help her please go to her blog at http://averycan.blogspot.com/.

you go sweet girl! you are on a mission and i am so glad that i am here to witness it. you, little lady are going to change the world.i am so inspired by you and your family. keep on going! 


Monday, April 9, 2012


oopsies....sorry for the lack of posts lately!

two words. senior exhibtion.
it's our last assignment before we graduate..which is in 39 days (hence the title;)) 

i present my project on may 1. so until then posts will probably be scarce...but after that I'M FREE!!

just a quick catch up:

i had a wonderful easter with my family in east prairie..there is something about east prairie. while i'm there i feel like i can just relax and enjoy family. east prairie is my happy place.

miller's bday was AMAZING! he had a bday party in fayetteville which raised over $2,000.00!!!!!! can you believe it? i am so proud of my sweet miller boy! 

it's almost koy and kadyn's 3rd birthday! kadyn is my little angel who has cystic fibrosis. she is such a little diva/fighter/princess/sassyface/cutest girl ever. i am so lucky to know her! (i'll introduce her soon)

i think that's about it! sorry for the lack of pictures/interesting stories. i'll be back to normal soon;)

have a great week!!!