Wednesday, March 28, 2012

happy birthday precious angel


today is your first birthday. 
if you were here you'd have a cake, and be loved on by your mommy and daddy.
if you never had sma you might be walking.
if you were here you'd open presents, and giggle, and know that you're loved.
but if you were here, i might not know you.

one year ago today you entered this world bright-eyed and beautiful.
when you took your first breath i didn't realize that my life was about to change because of one little angel.

i miss you more and more everyday.

but i also love you more and more everyday.

i will love you always and forever.

i could not be more proud of you, your mama, your dad, and cole crews.
when someone asks me about you, i have this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness.

i'm grateful that you changed my life, that you are in my heart for good:)! 
i'm so thankful that i can tell your story. that i'm a part of your story. 

i wish you were here more than anything. 
but i can only imagine what kind of party you are having with the angels.

enjoy your first birthday, little man.
keep calling home, keep sending signs. let us know you're still with us.

i love you, miller mcneil. 
all the way to heaven and back again. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

9 Months In Heaven

**if you're stopping by from confessional friday i promise all of my posts aren't this deep but i just can't resist talking about my sweet miller mcneil:)! if you want to learn more information about miller you can read this post by clicking here!
thanks for reading and happy friday y'all! 

today marks 9 months since Miller McNeil has been in heaven.
I recently received a note from someone and it said, "I got to meet Miller and cherished my times with him, whenever I left i felt better than before. it's as if you met him too, and held him in your heart."

that could not be more true. baby miller will be held in my heart until i get to meet him face to face in heaven!
miller has made such a tremendous difference in my life.
as i sit here typing this i glanced at my I'm With Miller bracelet that i wear everyday.

i'm always with miller.

miller's always with me. 

i love you more and more everyday Minner MACNeil! 

here's a poem that was written about miller:

God sent an Angel to the earth,
the sweetest Angel too
And for such a tiny little thing,
he had so much to do
He knew he did not have
much time upon this earth to stay
So he did not waste a second,
he got started right away
His eyes were bright and sparkly,
he took in every turn
He did not miss a single thing,
because Miller came to learn
God sent him here to touch the
hearts of those he could not reach
He taught them courage, strength and faith,
because Miller came to teach
His tiny little body
was so full of God above
You felt it when you held him,
because Miller came to love
In under three short months
he did what most never will
And then went home to Jesus,
because his purpose was fulfilled
And when I miss him oh so much,
I can almost hear him say,
"Please understand, my work was done,
I did not come to stay"

i ask you, i beg you to keep miller safe in your arms until he can meet his family. lord i ask that you continue to shower meredith patrick and cole with your love. please, lord show them the plan that i know you have, i believe you have. lord please just continue to lead me, lord thank you for giving us this wonderful gift that miller was. i will forever be grateful, lord. please lord bless miller's new brother or sister that's on the way. i ask that meredith has an easy pregnancy and your will be done. lord thank you for leading me to miller. 
i ask these things in your name,

Monday, March 19, 2012

hello spring break!!

i'm so sorry for my absence....


I'm on spring break!!!!

i'm in sunny florida with my friends and family enjoying a week of fun, food, laughter and sun.

i promise i'll be back soon!!



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

today we celebrate

today is Ginny's funeral. 
today we will celebrate the amazing life that she had.
she touched so many people through her caring way, huge heart, and comforting soul.
please pray for my juju that she has strength for today.
pray for comfort for Grammy Ginny's family.
please thank God for giving us Ginny.
to make our days brighter and our lives better.
we love you grammy ginny. 
forever and ever.

Monday, March 12, 2012

heavy heart.

tonight i have a heavy heart. a thankful heart and a lucky heart.

when i was 4 years old i met this girl, Julie. She was my new nanny. i never knew how pivotal that one moment in the mall when my nana asked julie if she babysat truly was.

julie is the most selfless person i know. she babysat for me for 10 years and always had at least one more job besides ours. 

julie has the biggest heart, she loves unconditionally, she trusts everyone, and she forgives.

ever since i was 4 i have been accepted into the Ross family, i went to family dinners, went to lunches, and just hung out with all of her family.

julie's grandma ginny was one of the nicest, funniest, sassiest people i have ever met.

julie's relationship with grandma ginny was one that i will always be jealous of.

today, grandma ginny earned her angel wings. she now is in heaven and i can only hope that Miller is showing her around and they are both enjoying the beauty of heaven.

please keep my juju in your prayers. the bond that we have i can't describe but is one that i will cherish forever.

i love you, juju. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

happy sunday y'all!

i know i'm going to arkansas next year but come on, the tigers last night?! wow they are awesome!!!

this weekend was so good. 
my family and i had fun shopping, eating, and watching tiger basketball! 

i also came home with these babies. i am in. love. 

this weekend is the last weekend before spring break so i'm just hoping i make it until friday! then it's 7 days on the beach just me and my virgin strawberry daiquiri :)

this week i'm also going to try to up my fitness routine and eat very very well until saturday. it's just 6 days, i can do it, right?! 

How was your weekend? Any big plans for spring break? Hope y'all have a wonderful week! 


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Confessional Friday!!


i haven't been very good at blogging this week, i'll get better i promise! 

confessions confessions confessions...

1. i'm confessing that the weather today really bummed me was gross and cold and sleeting ew.

2. i confess that i'm stressing about what to major in next year, i know i don't need to decide now, but it's stressing me out.

3. i confess that i'm excited to spend the weekend with my family, i am not taking it for granted because i know i'll be leaving soon.

4. i'm so sad for this family, Amy and Nathan Hill. They recently lost their baby boy very unexpectedly it is so so sad. please pray for them. you can find their blog here

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! please let me know if you stopped by from Miss Leslie's link up!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


this weekend i went down to fayetteville and i stayed with sweet Miller's family! 
(If you don't remember miller you can read his post here)

on friday night we went out to dinner with miss meredith and cole! mr patrick had to work that night.

saturday i met my future roommate! it made me so excited for next year!

on saturday night, my friend, Laney, and I took Cole Crews to Chucky Cheese and then to TCBY for some icecream! 

this weekend was just what i needed. we had so much fun, laughed a lot, and you can feel the love that this family has for each other. 

this boy LOVES his sprinkles:)!

we passed these crosses in Rogers, AR on our way to Chucky Cheese. Cole was in the back and yelled out "I see Minner MacNeil in the sky" it was the sweetest thing i've ever heard. he loves his little miller so very much.

my date for the night:)

when we got back home Cole asked to go outside to look at the moon. when we were out there he said "goodnight Minner MacNeil, I love you. so much." 
it took everything i had not to cry right then and there.

it is SO heartwarming to hear him talk about Miller all weekend long. now every night when i see the moon, i'll think of "Minner MacNeil." 

miller was very much a part of my weekend. in fact, if it wasn't for him i never would have met the woodruffs. so thank you, miller. he has blessed me so much, i'll forever be grateful.

i cannot explain how thankful i am to have mr patrick and miss meredith in arkansas so i can have people that live close to me! them along with the carters, and some of my other friends who are in fayetteville makes me so excited for next year! 

it's all because of miller! 

love you miller mcneil.